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New York Transit Infrastructure in Photos

Itís hard to imagine, but there is a world outside of glamorous Manhattan and New York City technically includes four other boroughs. (Well, three ó no one really cares about Staten Island.) Growing up in Westchester, and having a parent from the city, it was always an aesthetic adventure when we drove to family membersí apartments in city or the lovely airports out in Queens. Thereís just something about the gritty turnpikes and overpasses that are so New York. Below a few shots of a recent ride weaving through the Bronx into Manhattan with Queens and Brooklyn across the river.

The photographs are out of focus because taking photos from a moving car is a little difficult, but I think that is part of their charm. (Though, I could have easily turned up the grain, photoshopped a few lens flares, and said they were shot on film.)

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Published: 18 March 2012.
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